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SSEM prides of having best faculty in the region. SSEM has faculty approved by Jiwaji University, Gwalior. Faculty at SSEM is well qualified and experienced. Faculty demonstrate excellence in their roles through advanced study, teaching practice and scholarship. Faculty, staff, and students contribute to the quality and spirit of the college community by participation in its governance and through organizational, Professional and community service.

The faculty, staff, and trustees are committed to the mission, vision, and values of the college and are dedicated to students development and professional achievement. The college values of excellence, integrity, community, and caring provide a frame work of decision making and interactions.


To enhance knowledge and instill a thirst for learning in our students, which will enable them to develop an integrated personality and motivate them to make a valuable contribution to the society in future. To promote, support and sustain scientific and technological research and also disseminate information at a faster pace.

Library is one of the important activities as far as education is concerned and SSEM values these sentiments. 
As library is a part and parcel of every educational Institute, It has always been our endeavor to provide best library facilities for the students. The Library maintains an in-depth collection of more than 4800 professional books, journals, integrated resource packages and microfiche. It also loans representative curriculum materials including children's literature and video recordings. Study tables, preview facilities and photocopiers are available. Brief reference help is offered at most times.

Tours and workshops concerning effective use of library resources related to relevant subjects. A valid SSEM library card is required to borrow materials.


While on practicum student teachers may wish to bring these services to the attention of college personnel and parents. The Psychology Resorce Center (PRC) is a multidisciplinary center for research and graduate training in the college. As a setting for the training of various specialists in education psychologists, counselors, learning assistance teachers, etc. the PRC maintains an up-to-date Test Library which contains standardized tests, assessment instruments, reference materials and other resources which can be borrowed by qualified SSEM faculty and students, and houses a suite of rooms for research and graduate student training in counseling, student psychology and related educational disciplines. In addition, the Center provides service and leadership in the field and in the community through the sponsorship of various workshops, institutes, self-study groups, and through the PRC Hotline, an information service aimed at providing information to professionals on issues related to psycho educational assessment and research. The PRC provides comprehensive psycho educational assessments for student at reasonable cost to the community as part of supervised practicum experiences for graduate student and maintains an ongoing research database on reading problems. Finally, as part of its mandate, the Center supports both applied and basic, externally funded and collaborative research in education and psychology. As a Center for research, training and service, the PRC is designed to function within the scientist-practitioner model of clinical training in the behavioral and social sciences.


Institute has the ICT Resorce Centre with hardware and software including computers, TV, Camera, and Other ICT equipment. ICT Lab is equiped with sufficient computers in the lab. The ICT lab is equiped with latest technology and core 2 Duo processor enabled scanning/multimedia computers in the media area: Computer Lab available for consulting and technical support for microcomputer applications, Internet access, statistical analysis and general use of computers. Black and white and colour printing is available from Computer Lab.

ART & Craft Resorce Centre

Institute has excelent art and craft resorce centre equiped with morden equipments to give the future teachers training of art and craft for making effective models charts toys and other education ads. In addition to art and craft equipments institution has facilities of music also. Music is a big part of SSEM. The College's cultural committee (Formed by Students) coordinates musical events in College. Various musical equipments are available for practice; and a music practice room is available for students.

Science & Mathematics Resorces Centre

Institute has a Teaching Learning Resource Centre for Science and mathematics. It has multiple sets of science apparatus required . to perform and demonstrate the experiments prescribed in the syllabus for secondary/senior secondary classes. Chemicals, etc. are provided in the SSEM.

Health & Physical Education Resource Centre

Institute has health & physical education resource centre with equipments, models, charts and other sports material for all round development and training of students.


The College has well ventilated and specous classrooms each with the capacity of 100 seats. All class room and conference hall are equipped with modern teaching aids and provided with comfort and conducive environment for learning.


SSEM maintains a well-equipped Seminar Hall, which can accommodate 300 persons. Complete with Video ram, Slide Projector, LCD & Overhead Projector, Sound System etc., it proves ideal for seminars, meetings, group use of audiovisual material, etc.

Training and Placement Cell

Training and Placement Cell is a core area in a College which compliments the efforts of the members of faculty by organizing value-added programmes and providing placement opportunities to students. SSEM conduct training of its students in Govt. School under suppervision of highly qualified faculties.

The cell continuously coordinates with the various schools and community for placement of the students. It liaises with the education sectors and helps in developing the industry-academic inter-relationship.

It obtains feed back from organizations on a regular basis and conveys it to the respective departments, which in turn, train students accordingly, thereby increasing their placement opportunities.

The Placement Officer is actively involved with various Corporate sectors to undergo a Memorandum of Understanding for the placement of students every year.

The Training and Placement Officer makes regular visits to various companies, on an all India basis, to project the capability of the students’ skills to fulfill the requirements of the Corporate world.

Personality Development Club

The aim of the personality development club is to develop all - round skills of every student that they can get into a hi-flying career. The club acts as a common roof for each individual to develop skills, inter - personal relationships and to gain adequate corporate exposure. Career Guidance, Mock Interviews and Paper Presentation Tips, Stress Management, Time management, Self - Evaluation and Development and Memory Management are some of the activities of the club

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