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Our Inspiration

Lt. Engineer Harsh Varkhan
Lt.Engineer Harsh vardhan

With the greatest of his sense of devotion & sincerity of serving humanity, he had been involved in supporting for the sick and wounded in rendering humanitarian services. He had a passion in the education field and bringing peace of those that are in need. He paid greatest of his attention of improvement of education and social development. His commitment towards humanity and five fundamental value in honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility had been a constant source of inspiration. We wish his values and ideas shall continue to guide us.

SSEM follows the philosophy of Lt. Engineer Harsh Vardhan Singh, who had demonstrated a dedication and love for sick & poor.

We are a community of learners engaged in a quest for academic excellence and committed to civic and social responsibility. We are unwavering in our belief that we must act with integrity and treat each other with respect.

With deepest love and respect.


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